Our Team

Lisa Tate
Executive Director

Dave Stack
Historian & Curator

Cheryl Hughes
Educational Consultant

Tom Petersen
Development Director

Professional Advisors

David Guiney
Interpretive Planning

Kelly Karmel
LEED and Green Globes Certification

Mike Milodragovich
Legal Counsel

Drew Rieker
JCCS, PV, Accountant

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors reflects the national scope of the museum and lends their broad professional experience in careers across the Forest Service, the forest products industry, as well as in the environmental and business communities. The members-at-large are a diverse group representing expertise in economic development, museum operations, university administration and political action.

Tom Thompson
Deputy Chief, USFS (Ret.)

David M. Stack
Vice President
District Ranger, USFS Region 1 (Ret.)

Mike Paterni
Director of Programs and Budget, R1 USFA (Ret.)

Andy Mason
Director, National Agroforestry Center USFS (Ret.)

Elizabeth Agpaoa
Regional Forester R-8
Forest Service (Ret.)

Phil Aune
Program Manager, PSW
Forest Service (Ret.)

Dale Bosworth
Forest Service (Ret.)

Fred Cooper
USDA Office of Personnel Management (Ret.)

Larry Gadt
Director of Minerals & Geology
Forest Service (Ret.)

Nancy Gibson
Forest Supervisor
Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit
Forest Service (Ret.)

Patricia Limerick
Chair of the Board, Center of the American West & Professor of History, University of Colorado

Mark Lodine
Attorney-in-Charge, Office of General Counsel, USDA (Ret.)

Pat Lynch
Western Heritage Company

John Maclean
Author and Journalist

Andy Mason
Director, National Agroforestry Center Forest Service (Ret.)

Char Miller
W. M. Keck Professor of Environmental Analysis and History at Pomona College

Mike Paterni
Director Program & Budget, R-1
Forest Service (Ret.)

Alex Philp, Ph.D.
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Adelos, Inc.

Charlie Richmond
Director of Rangeland Management and Vegetation Ecology
Forest Service (Ret.)

Lynn Sprague
Regional Forester, R-5
Forest Service (Ret.)

David M. Stack
District Ranger, R-1
Forest Service (Ret.)

John Steffenson
Director of Global Business Development, National Government and Natural Resources, ESRI

Richard (Rich) Stem
Deputy Regional Forester Rocky Mountain Region
Forest Service (Ret.)

Tom Thompson
Deputy Chief
Forest Service (Ret.)

Barbara Tormoehlen
Northeast Area State and Private Forestry (Ret.)

Onno Wieringa
General Manager Alta Ski Area (Ret.)

Dick Woodfin
Deputy Director
Pacific Northwest Research Station (Ret.)

Ex-Officio Directors (Non-Voting):

John Engen
Mayor, City of Missoula

Missoula County Commissioners

USDA Forest Service Liaison (Non-Voting):

Tracy Connell Hancock
Director of Knowledge Management and Communications
Forest Service Research and Development
Washington DC

Brandon Smith
Lands Special Use Program Manager Region 1

Director Emeritus:

Beryl Johnson

Doug Leisz

Max Peterson

Gray Reynolds

Our National Council

Members of the National Council advise and assist the Board in achieving the goals and objectives of the Museum. The council includes industry executives, former federal agency administrators and representatives of recreation, energy, wildlife, academic, tribal and forestry interests. Their breadth of experience and associations with the U.S. Forest Service will help the Museum reflect the role that cooperators and partners have played in shaping the conservation legacy of the agency.

Michael Berry
President, National Ski Areas Association (Ret’d)

Robert Bibb
Chairman/CEO, Bibb Engineers

Dr. Bill Whitsitt
Executive Vice President, Devon Energy Corporation

Derrick Crandall
President and CEO, American Recreation Coalition
Washington, DC

Stanley Dempsey
Chairman, Royal Gold, Inc.

Smoke Elser
Wilderness Outfitters Consulting Group, LLC

Merv George, Jr.
Program Manager, Region 5 Tribal Relations, U.S. Forest Service; former Tribal Chair of the Hoopa Valley Indian Tribe

Nils Johnson
Director of Legislative & Regulatory Affairs, Holland and Hart
Washington, DC

Dr. James Earl Kennamer
Chief Conservation Officer, National Wild Turkey Federation
South Carolina

John Turner
Managing Partner, Triangle X Ranch; former Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International and Scientific Affairs; former Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Pat Williams
Senior Fellow Emeritus, O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana; former nine-term Congressman for Montana

Advisory Panel of Historians and Social Scientists

The National Museum of Forest Service History’s Advisory Panel of Historians and Social Scientists is a group of fourteen nationally recognized authors, researchers and academics who advise in the development and programming of the National Conservation Legacy and Education Center.

The advisory panel includes award-winning authors and lecturers whose specialties range from U.S. environmental history, natural resource and public land policy, the history of the American West, tourism in the upper Midwest, the creation of eastern National Forests, Native American history and the history of the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service.

Patricia Limerick
PhD, Panel Chair, Faculty Director and Chair of the Board, Center of the American West and Professor of History at the University of Colorado

Steve Anderson
President & CEO Forest History Society, North Carolina

Thomas Glen Alexander, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Brigham Young University

Richmond Clow, PhD
Professor of Native American Studies, University of Montana, College of Arts and Sciences

Char Miller, PhD
Director of Environmental Analysis Program; and W. M. Keck Professor, Pomona College

Mark T. Fiege, PhD
Associate Professor, Colorado State University

Anthony Godfrey, PhD
President, U.S. West Research, Inc.

Aaron Shapiro, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of History, Auburn University

Paul Sutter, PhD
Associate Professor of History, University of Colorado, Boulder

Sara Gregg, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor of History, The University of Kansas

Joseph Jones, PhD
Independent Research Historian, Houston, Texas

Nancy Langston, PhD
Professor, Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology and Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Lincoln Bramwell, PhD
Ex Officio Member, Chief Historian, U.S. Forest Service

Regional Directors

The NMFSH is represented throughout the country by a volunteer Leadership Corps of Regional Directors and Representatives with an outstanding commitment to sharing the history of the US Forest Service and its partners.

Active in the US Forest Service Retirees Regional Associations and a variety of community, nonprofit conservation and educational organizations, these NMFSH representatives have helped attract more than $1 million in support from individuals, corporations and foundations. They meet monthly and are organized by Forest Service region and by special subject area.

Larry Gadt*
National Campaign Director

Dave Wright
Region 1

Bjorn Dahl
Region 2

Dick Smith
Region 4

Jerry Gause
Region 5

Steve Mealey
Region 6

Dave Jolly
Region 8

Theodore Beauvais
Region 9

Jim LaBau*
Region 10

* Museum Board Members