Kade Holley: Forest Ranger, Vol. 1


by Dan Kincaid

Kade Holley is a Forest Ranger with the U.S. Forest Service, managing and protecting the natural resource gems of this country – the National Forests. In this first book Kade is the focal point of a series of five multi-state adventures that will have you eagerly rushing to turn the next page. He has a life threatening adventure on a remote lake in the vast wilderness of northern Minnesota’s Superior National Forest; he is faced with a forest fire situation in the pine forests of the North Carolina Piedmont; and he encounters a group of drunken vandals intent on destroying Forest Service property in southeastern Ohio’s Wayne National Forest. There are truck wrecks, encounters with wild animals, and Kade also leads a team of Forest Service specialists on an assignment to Mount St. Helens on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington. Through it all, Kade never waivers in his love for his family, his love of being a Forest Ranger, and his love of the National Forests. He understands that his work is sometimes dangerous, often challenging, and always fun and interesting. “That’s life as a “ranger,” Kade says. This book will take you through a series of adventures that many dream about, but very few ever experience. Paperback.



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