Saunders Meadow – A Place Without Fences, a History of the Term Occupancy Permit Act of 1915


On March 4, 1915, with the prompting and support of the US Forest Service, Congress passed the Occupancy Act. This Special Use Permit allowed private citizens the opportunity to occupy national forest or public domain lands for a certain period of time for family recreation summer homes, campgrounds, resorts, and stores.

Author Dr. Robert Reyes provides readers with the first comprehensive collection of facts and details on the Term Occupancy Permit Act of 1915, which helps owners register their cabins as National Historic Places.

With 14,000 out of the original 20,000 cabins still in existence, it’s imperative that the historical significance of the Term Occupancy Permit Act is conserved for both current and prospective generations of cabin owners to reference and utilize. Thanks to the exhaustive research and devotion of Dr. Reyes, Saunders Meadow: A Place Without Fences masterfully accomplishes that important task in this comprehensive and invaluable body of work.



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