What Did We Get Ourselves Into


by Forest Service Wives

Forest Service wives of yesterday are a unique bunch of gals. We come from the city, small towns, farms and ranches, and our backgrounds are varied. But we all have one thing in common, we love our husbands who are part of the Forest Service family.

Every wife has a story to tell–reporting to a new job, or a transfer and moving, waiting for your husband to come home from a fire or detail, shared holidays, friendships that were made–the stories go on and on.

If we don’t write our stories, no one will know what our life was like being “married” to the Forest Service. We lived in remote places with our husbands being gone for long periods of time, many of us didn’t have the modern conveniences of indoor plumbing or electricity, and our children learned the importance of a family. Not a one of us would trade jobs!



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